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Useful profile pics

in case of a disaster to save battery power

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Prevent battery drain due to notifications

Twitter, Facebook, LINE, WeChat, ...

In the event of a huge-scale disaster (e.g, earthquakes, typhoons, thunderstorms), your mobile phone charging may not be possible due to power outages or traffic disruption.

By setting your phone to airplane mode, you can prevent App notifications (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS) and save battery power. In that state, however, you cannot reply nor even mark it as read, which may give the sender excessive anxiety.

Therefore, I created profile pics below, thinking that it might be possible to prevent giving excessive anxiety by setting to airplane mode after informing the current situation of yourself/myself via the profile pic. If you have any ideas for a new pic, please feel free to contact me (@kiseshou).

It is okay to not send me a usage report, but please refrain from re-distributing the pics. (including posting the pic data to social medias.) Please tap and hold to save the pic you want. (Not a screenshot.)

* Since I'm currently studying English, please let me know if I make a mistake. (Created using a translation service.)

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